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media toolkit

This toolkit is for our partners to help spread the message of our programs, and crisis and suicide prevention.

If you have questions about how to use these tools or would like more information, please contact our Director of Marketing & Advancement at

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Download Materials


Rack cards, brochures, and cards can be handed out at events, businesses, and to clients. 

back of CISM rack card
front of CISM rack card
Volunteer Center Rack Card
restorative practices training menu
SPAN Brochure
youth services brochure
gryphon place brochure
"let's talk about depression" brochure
wellness and self-care brochre
211 and 988 card

posters & flyers

Hang posters and flyers in schools, businesses, clinics, and other community organizations. Click on the images to download.

2-1-1 Flyer
Presidential Volunteer Service Award Flyer
Press Releases

press releases

Which materials do you need?

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For Fundraisers
For Reporters
Volunteering Group

for fundraisers

Our Personal Fundraiser Guide was made for individuals who wish to fundraise with their peers on our behalf. 

Journalist with microphone working on city street

for reporters

View best practices and reccomendations for

reporting on suicide.

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