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conflict transformation

Conflict Transformation seeks to engage individuals in the work of peace-building. Peace-building takes the work of conflict resolution one step deeper by exploring the root of the conflict and actively engaging individuals in a dialogue about the obligations needed to transform conflict into strong and resilient community relationships. 

A Supportive Hug

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Restorative Conferences

Conferences are a restorative practice that brings together a small group (2-4) of individuals who have been experiencing conflict. This process allows for individuals on both sides to share how they have been impacted by the conflict and provides the group with support toward finding meaningful solutions to repair harm and rebuild relationships.

Circle Processes

Circle processes are similar to restorative conferences, but are a restorative practice suitable for larger groups. Circle processes can be as simple as opening a line of dialogue or as formal as providing a forum for individuals to accept responsibility for harm caused and work alongside others to create a plan for repairing the harm to the community relationship.



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Kimberly Godush

Kimberly Godush

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