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Handle with Care

The aim of Handle With Care is to create a seamless network of support for children who have experienced trauma. By connecting law enforcement and educational institutions, there is an opportunity to identify and respond to the needs of these children in a timely and compassionate manner. It is important to understand that trauma can have a lasting impact on a child's development and education, and by providing extra support and care, we can increase the likelihood of positive outcomes and resilience. With Handle With Care, we have the opportunity to transform the way we respond to trauma and create a brighter future for all children.

our goals


Respond together as a community when a student experiences trauma.


Connect students with services.


Strengthen and improve relationships in the community.


Support children and youth in schools. 

Teacher and child

handle with care steps

  1. Law enforcement encounters the youth and sends a referral to KRESA.

  2. KRESA then notifies the school to handle the student with care.

  3. When appropriate, provide supportive services to the youth.

Law Enforcement Officer

comes into contact with a young person after a traumatic event has occurred and sends HwC Notice.

HwC Notice Sent to School Contact

KRESA Health Advocates receive the notice and send communication to the district contact.

District and School Contact

Communicate “Handle with Care” to appropriate staff. No other details about the incident are shared.

Provide Services

Teachers, support staff and mental health providers will check in and/or provide appropriate supports as needed.


training is available for law enforcement, educators, and staff

DaNetta Julian

DaNetta Julian


Law Enforcement Agencies

Kalamazoo Department Public Safety

Kalamazoo Township Police

Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office

Augusta Police Department

Portage Police Department

Schoolcraft Village Police Department

Richland Village Police Department

Vicksburg Police Department

School Districts 


Kalamazoo Public Schools 

Climax-Scotts School District 

Parchment Public Schools 

Vicksburg Community Schools 

Gull Lake Community Schools 

Portage Public Schools 

Galesburg-Augusta Public Schools 

Comstock Community Schools District 

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