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restorative justice training

Restorative Justice is a philosophy grounded in indigenous values from across the globe. Restorative Justice and Restorative Justice Practices guide individuals and communities to recognize and honor the dignity inherent in all people and strive to both build and restore relationships.

Professional Attending a Seminar

attend a restorative training

training sessions

All trainings are new and based on national models and practices.

Community Building

  • Developing a Restorative Mindset

  • Building Equitable Communities

Conflict Transformation

  • Exploring Power Dynamics 

  • Restorative Communication

Restorative Justice in Education

Each series consists of three 1-hour sessions
  • Series 1: Introduction to RPE

  • Series 2: Proactive Practices

  • Series 3: Restorative Discipline 

Circle Training

  • Introducing Proactive Circles

  • Introducing Problem Solving Circles

Facilitator Training

A comprehensive training for individuals interested in becoming trained circle keepers.​

For continued support, restorative justice coaching  and consulting is available from a Restorative Justice Practitioner.

Connecting circles showing the restorative foundation and how each session works together
what people say

RPE Series 2 participant

This was very helpful in understanding how to take restorative practices to the classroom.

Restorative Pedagogy participant

This was one of the best restorative justice trainings I’ve attended.

Outside of the Box presentation participant

Great examples and conversations.


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