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seams possible

Seams Possible is a series of transformative courses that aid participants in removing negative, misplaced labels based on mistakes or misguided steps. Through targeted discussions on identifying strengths and weaknesses, coping mechanisms, acceptance, and other essential skill-building tools, we'll help you on your path to success.


we remove the boundaries of labels

session topics


  • To identify the importance of law and order 

  • To identify the importance of self-worth 

  • To grant permission to have a change of heart 


  • To identify how influences impact decision-making 

  • To demonstrate critical thinking skills when making decisions 

Conflict Resolution

  • To identify the importance of teamwork 

  • To introduce the effectiveness of communication 

  • To show empathy 

Relationship & Grounding

  • To identify how building healthy relationships can keep an individual grounded 

  • To identify how communication impacts relationships 


to schedule a Seams Possible workshop, please contact

DaNetta Julian

DaNetta Julian

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