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justice lifted

Gryphon Place’s “Justice Lifted” Arrest Diversion Program seeks to reduce racial and ethnic disparities by identifying and serving youth at risk of committing offenses that would lead to their arrest. The goal is to minimize youth contact with the criminal justice system and shift those involved away from arrest and prosecution by providing an “exit ramp” from involvement with the juvenile justice system. Additionally, it offers them opportunities to benefit from community-based resources that address the whole child. 

community hands

providing an "exit ramp" from the juvenile justice system

justice lifted process

1. Referral

Referrals are received by referral sources: 

  • Kalamazoo Public Schools 

  • Kalamazoo Department Public Safety 

  • Kalamazoo County Court 

  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 

2. Placement

Youth will engage in the program at one of the following locations, based on their residential location: 

  • Gryphon Place 

  • Douglass Community Association 

  • Kalamazoo Eastside Neighborhood Association 

3. Intake

Assessments will be given after the initial meeting. Emphasizing relationships will be a top priority from the start.

4. Plan of Action

Based on assessment results, a timeline is established. 

5. Support

Identify and connect youth with partnering organizations. 


training is available for law enforcement, educators and staff

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