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restorative practice facilitators

Restorative practices empower individuals to take accountability, repair harm and relationships, to build a stronger, more connected community. Trained Restorative Practice Facilitators work with students, staff, and parents to navigate conflicts toward a peaceful and productive resolution.

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restorative conferences


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restorative circles

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22-23 school year

restorative practice services

Restorative Conferences

  • Impromptu conferences (prevention)

  • Formal conferences (intervention)

  • Re-entry conferences (post-incident)

Restorative Circles

  • Conflict and Healing

  • Dialogue and Relationship/Team Building

Restorative Engagement

(Skill Building)
  • Restorative Communication

  • Conflict Resolution - Skill Building

  • Relationship/Check-In Interactions

what people say

Woodward Elementary Staff

The Restorative Practices Intervention offered by the staff at Gryphon Place has had a beneficial impact on the behavior support system at Woodward School.

Maple Street Student

It helped me solve my problems with people I had a problem with and somebody from the program helped me.

King Westwood Student

Ms. K is really nice and she helped me with things that make me upset.I feel like she has helped me get better at not getting so mad at stuff.


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