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restorative practices

As part of our community violence initiative, we use Restorative Practices to engage individuals and communities in resolving conflict. Whether you need conflict resolution services or are looking to improve your conflict resolution skills, we are here to help.

teacher interacting with a young student

Handle with Care

Handle With Care builds systems that respond to traumatic exposure and increase opportunities for resilience.  

boys shaking hands

Restorative Practice Facilitators

Facilitators work in schools to navigate conflicts toward resolution.​

community hands

Justice Lifted

This program's goal is to minimize youth contact with the criminal justice system

group of youth speaking in a circle

Seams Possible

Seams Possible is a series of courses that aid participants in removing negative, misplaced labels based on mistakes or misguided steps.

A Supportive Hug

Conflict Transformation

Transform conflict into strong and resilient community relationships. 

Professional Attending a Seminar

Training & Workshops

Become trained on how to better build and restore relationships through restoration.

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