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youth programs

These programs teach youth how to resolve conflicts peacefully, information about mental health and how to recognize when a person is in crisis.

The Gatekeeper Program

Our school-based youth suicide prevention program provides middle and high school students with safe and appropriate lifesaving information, including positive coping skills for stress, information about mental health, how to recognize when a person is in crisis, and what to do if someone is having thoughts of suicide. 

  • Students learn about mental health, stress, and positive coping skills

  • Students learn about local resources, how to recognize a crisis, warnings signs, and what to do if they know someone who is having thoughts of suicide

The Gatekeeper Program was reviewed by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and listed on the national Best Practice Registry.

Restorative Justice Program

Restorative Justice aims to be socially and emotionally intelligent
justice that empowers individuals to take accountability, repair harm
and relationships, and build a stronger, more connected community.
Trained Restorative Justice Facilitators work with students to
navigate conflicts toward a peaceful and productive resolution.

  • Restorative Conferences and Circles address behavior modification, build community, and strengthens relationships

  • Peer Mediations are led by trained youth leaders to help their classmates resolve conflicts peacefully

  • Restorative Justice Program utilizes techniques to repair harm, hold accountability, restore relationships, and reduce out-of-school time

of youth report being more open to seeking help for a friend who is considering suicide

of youth are more open to seeking help for themselves if they are considering suicide

of youth who engaged in restorative showed improved social and emotional learning and educational engagement


schools and youth organizations interested in Gatekeeper should contact:

Susanna Rickman

Susanna Rickman

(269) 381-1510 

schools and youth organizations interested in Restorative Justice should contact:

Tia Whitley

Tia Whitley

(269) 381-1510 

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