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  • 谈论想死或自杀

  • 寻找自杀的方法,比如研究枪支

  • 谈论感到绝望或没有理由活下去

  • 谈论被困或难以忍受的痛苦的感觉

  • 谈论成为别人的负担

  • 增加酒精或药物的使用

  • 表现出焦虑或激动;鲁莽行事

  • 睡眠太少或太多

  • 退出或孤立自己

  • 赠送财产

  • 情绪波动剧烈


  • 精神障碍,特别是情绪障碍、精神分裂症、焦虑症和某些人格障碍

  • 酒精和其他物质使用障碍

  • 外伤或虐待史

  • 主要身体疾病

  • 曾有自杀企图

  • 有自杀家族史

  • 工作或经济损失

  • 失去关系

  • 当地聚集性自杀事件

  • 缺乏社会支持和孤立感

Arm Around Shoulder

如果朋友告诉你有伤害自己的计划,千万不要保密。如果你所爱的人陷入困境,请随时拨打 9-8-8 寻求帮助。




  • Facebook
    Report sucidal content directly on Facebook here.
  • Twitter
    Report messages about suicide or self-harm and Twitter will send the user a direct message with the Lifeline number.
  • Instagram
    To report posts about suicide or self-harm on Instagram: Tap “…” below the post, tap "Report Inappropriate", select "This Photo Puts People At Risk > Self-Harm".
  • Snapchat
    To report a safety concern, press and hold on that Snapchatter's name and tap the gear button. Then, tap 'Report' and reach out to Snapchat, and follow the prompts.
  • Youtube
    To report suicide or self-harm, click “More.” Highlight and click “Report” in the drop-down menu. Click “Harmful dangerous acts,” then “Suicide or self-injury.” YouTube will review the video and may send a message to the uploader with the Lifeline number.
  • Discord
    To report self-harm, use the dropdown in Discord’s report form and select ‘Trust & Safety.’ Under ‘Report Type’, select ‘Self-harm.’ Discord requests (to verify the authenticity of the report) that reporters provide a link to the message where the user expresses such harm, and the steps can be found below.
  • TikTok
    To report for self-harm on TikTok, tap the arrow at the bottom right hand corner of the video. Tap the report icon, select "Self injury" and follow the prompts.
  • Reddit
    If you're worried about someone, you can let Reddit know by reporting the specific post or comment that worried you and selecting, "Someone is considering suicide or serious self-harm". After you let them know, they'll reach out to put the user in touch with Crisis Text Line's trained Crisis Counselors.


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