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Survivors of Suicide Support Group (SOS)

Survivors of Suicide Support GroupWhen I got home, there was a strange message from my mother. I knew instantly that something was very wrong. When I called her, I immediately asked, "What happened?" She said she couldn't bear to tell me-it was too awful. I insisted, and then she said it-the words I will never forget: "Irene's dead." I threw the phone down and screamed in terror. When I picked the phone back up, my mother confirmed what I had already suspected-Irene had taken her own life. I was devastated. I couldn't believe this had happened. Why me? Why her? I was brought into the world with an older sister, and I didn't know how to make sense of it without her. I was heartbroken and needed support. But my friends and family seemed uncomfortable broaching the topic. I felt alienated and alone.

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