Helping those in conflict and crisis

Conflict Resolution

Community Dispute Resolution Services

Conflict Resolution

Provides mediation services -- an affordable and confidential way for people to resolve their conflicts with the help of a neutral third party

  • Uses income based sliding fee scale
  • Can mediate anything from neighborhood disputes to court-ordered cases
  • To find out if mediation is right for you, visit our website or dial 2-1-1

Community Restorative Justice

A peacemaking process focused on repairing harm that was done by communicating emotions and needs while taking steps toward healing

  • Used by workplaces to resolve disputes and improve workplace culture
  • Used by families to address conflict, repair harm, and restore relationships
  • Used by the criminal justice system to offer victims and offenders an alternative path to resolution and healing

Youth Restorative Justice

Helps youth resolve conflicts peacefully using restorative practices

  • Conferences and Circles are used in schools to repair harm and improve school climate
  • Schools offer our Restorative Conferences as an effective alternative to suspensions
  • Peer Mediation is a youth-driven program that teaches youth how to solve problems peacefully

For more information regarding Community and/or Youth Restorative Justice, please contact the Restorative Justice Program Coordinator, Ruth Garcia, at (269) 381-1510 ext. 212, or follow the links below. 

  • Request Mediation
  • Register For Training
  • Dispute Resolution Services
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