Helping those in conflict and crisis

Community Initiatives

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Community InitiativesCISM is a program aimed at debriefing the community after a "critical incident" to ensure that the community is cared for and being connected to services if needed.

  • Gryphon Place is the "hub" for three separate CISM teams: community, first responders, and schools. Different teams respond to different incidents as appropriate.
  • CISM is available to the community as an "in-kind" service and is geared towards the immediate response to a crisis.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management is not a solution to trauma, but a way for those who have been traumatized to get the support they need.

Kalamazoo County Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN)

SPAN Suicide Prevention Action Network



6-8 p.m. 
Bronson Hospital Gilmore Auditorium 

601 John St, Kalamazoo, MI

On December 4th from 6 PM - 8 PM, Riley Juntti will be presenting "13 Reasons Why Not." Riley will be presenting at the Bronson Hospital Gilmore Auditorium, and tickets will be FREE.

Riley Juntti helped create "13 Reasons Why NOT", a counter to Netflix's show "13 Reasons Why", in which the lead character leaves behind tapes blaming 13 people for her suicide. Instead of placing blame, 13 students from Oxford High School started morning announcements to 1,800 fellow students by sharing an emotionally vulnerable place they had been through and thanking someone who had helped them out of it. Feedback was instant and national with over 100 major news organizations picking up the story.

Interested in going to the event? Reserve your FREE seat here!

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