Helping those in conflict and crisis


Gryphon Place Volunteer Opportunities

We would not be able to help those in conflict and crisis in our community without the wonderful and committed volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to Gryphon Place. There are many ways for volunteers to join us in our mission!

Are you a new or returning Gryphon Place volunteer? Welcome back, it's good to see you! You'll notice, when you click the blue 'Volunteer' box below, that our database has changed to serve you better. Just click the box to go our site, and then click the blue 'Become a Fan' of Gryphon Place box, and create an account. This will allow you to see Gryphon Place volunteer opportunities and events. We think you're going to love it!




Email our Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator at


Volunteer Kalamazoo Opportunities


Gryphon Place has taken on the services of Volunteer Kalamazoo. Volunteer Kalamazoo builds capacity for effective local volunteering, connects people with opportunities to volunteer and promotes volunteerism in our community. Gryphon Place is honored to connect our community to volunteer services.

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Kalamazoo County? Create an account and search for opportunities here



Gryphon Place is proud to be certified as a Service Enterprise Organization and a Service Enterprise Hub. We certify agencies who fundamentally leverage volunteers and their skills to achieve their social mission as Service Enterprises.  These organizations are proven to be more adaptable, sustainable and capable of scaling their impact in comparison to peer organizations.  To learn more about the Service Enterprise Initiative and how your organization can become certified, email our Volunteer Center Manager at